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If Jumbo Dried Morel mushrooms are NOT one of your favorite mushrooms, we cannot be friends.

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SYNONYMS: Morilles, Sponge Mushroom, Black Morel, 羊肚菌
Morchella Conica

Its flavor is undeniable. Its appearance is unbelievable. Its presence is unmeasurable. OK, I really like this mushroom. That’s why Jumbo Dried Morel Mushrooms are my all-time favourite mushrooms.

Actually, I just really like their flavor. Of course, adding oil, butter, salt and pepper to anything makes it better but Jumbo Morels really pop off the screen.
Like their smaller cousin the regular sized dried morel, the Jumbo Morel Mushroom have a rich, smokey nut like flavor that pops off of your tongue. tasting meaty and smooth all at the same time. I use my Jumbo morels for stuffing! Because these giant gems are so large you can stuff them with whatever you wish and bake them to perfection. Of course you can do other wonderful things like cream sauces, paired with asparagus or Ostrich Fiddlehead ferns. The brain looking marvel of a mushroom is 100% hands down my favorite. I have many of them… No really, it is.

Like all Wild Jumbo morels, they have been plucked one by one from the earth. This handpicked quality translates through; all the way from the fire scorched forest floors of Canada right to your plate and onto your pallet. Pacific Rim Mushrooms dries morel mushrooms moments after their picked in giant dehydrators within hours. This locks the flavor. Some of our customers actually prefer the dried morel over fresh morel mushrooms because the drying process actually makes the taste stronger.

When hydrating your dried morels make sure to save that water and add it into soups or sauces later. Every ounce counts.



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(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Dried Morel mushroom Jumbo

  1. Jackson

    Thank you for our order. The mushrooms are delicious. Our family loves them. We stuffed ours. Thank you Brent!

  2. KEVIN

    Great price guys. Thanks! You saved my weekend dinner plans.
    I made soup and saved the morel water reduction for something secret.

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