Pacific Rim Mushrooms

Pacific Rim Mushrooms Ltd. supplies the world with great tasting wild mushrooms and forest products from North America’s west coast.

Pacific Rim Mushrooms offers a wide range of wild
mushrooms foraged in British Columbia, in
both dried and fresh forms. Dried Mushroom include:
Dried Morel Mushrooms, with a meaty, nut-like taste;
Dried Matsutake (Pine) Mushrooms,
with an undeniable fragrance that is both sweet and
spicy; Dried Yellow Chanterelle Mushrooms, with a
chewy, crunchy texture and peppery flavor; as well
as Dried Lobster Mushrooms, Dried Blue Chanterelle
Mushrooms, Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms, and
many more.

Fresh Mushroom products offered by Pacific Rim
Mushrooms include: Fresh Morel Mushrooms, with an
aromatic quality that lends itself to cream and wine
Fresh Porcini Mushrooms, with robust flavor and
meaty texture; extremely versatile Fresh Lobster
Mushrooms; Fresh Matsutake (Pine) Mushrooms; as
well as other wild varieties.
Pacific Rim Mushrooms was established in 2005
in Vancouver Canada. It was founded by Brenton King;
A professional mushroom harvester with extensive
experience foraging along the “mushroom circuit” from
Alaska to California. Pacific Rim Mushrooms works with
ecologically-minded harvesters that use sustainable
harvesting practices.