Pacific Rim Mushrooms

Since 2005 Pacific Rim Mushrooms  has been supplying the world with Wild and Medicinal Mushrooms from North America’s west coast.

Welcome to my mushroom odyssey! I embarked on a journey into the wild world of fungi as a lover of picking wild mushrooms in the early ’90s. My path evolved from navigating the complexities of exporting wild mushrooms, such as Morel, Matsutake and Chanterelles to Asia and Europe to immersing myself in the realm of medicinal mushroom extracts in 2016.

After witnessing a friend’s triumph over cancer thanks to turkey tail mushrooms, my commitment to exploring the healing wonders of mushrooms led me down a medicinal path, encompassing Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions Mane, and more. The quick healing properties of these fungi only deepened my awe for their remarkable capabilities.

Since 2005, fueled by grit and determination, Pacific Rim Mushrooms has been serving the world with wild mushrooms and continues into the stratosphere with the healing power of medicinal mushrooms. Despite shifts in the mushroom industry, my dedication remains unwavering. Join me on this mushroom-infused journey where nature’s wonders meet human resilience, and the potential for healing knows no bounds.