Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

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Used by Taoists to cultivate a robust immune system that is able to combat pathogens, turkey tail is also beneficial for boosting Qi (Chi), supporting bone health, toning the liver, and improving gut health.


**Please note** This is not extract. This is the pure form of the Mushroom that has been ground.

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SYNONYMS: Coriolus versicolor, Polyporus versicolor
GENUS NAME: Trametes versicolor

Turkey Tail Mushroom helps empower your immune defences and get on good terms with your gut. The Turkey Tail vegan mushroom with immune supporting benefits is one of the most researched functional mushrooms for its powerful polysaccharides (immunity activators), organic Turkey Tail helps you feel battle-ready.
Turkey tail mushroom contains the some of the highest levels of beta-glucans of all the medicinal mushrooms. Two potent adjunct therapy medicines, PSK and PSP, have been developed in Japan and China from this amazing mushroom. Mushroom beta-glucans are potent immune system modulators and all of our products are measured for the active levels of beta-glucans.
Turkey Tail has an ancient history of being used as a medicinal mushroom. In many Asian cultures, turkey tails’ inuring cloud forms symbolize longevity and health, spiritual attunement and infinity. It was traditionally brewed into a soothing tea and has been used for centuries in TCM to clear damp condition, increase energy, strengthen the lungs, stomach and spleen
and to assist in convalescence from long-term diseases.

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Body Booster Mushrooms

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4oz/113 grams

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(1 customer review)

1 review for Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

  1. Dave Johnson

    Bought this and the extract as I wanted to compare both. The extract was very fine and very soluble in my tea. The powder was grinded from the woody mushroom and I now understand this texture. Normally I use the powder for shakes and further grind with my nutribullet. Thanks for the immediate service. Will try adding the Chaga and Cordyceps next go around.

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