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Dried Wild Mushrooms

  • Dried Candy Cap Mushroom

    Candy Cap mushrooms are the dessert of mushrooms. This amazing mushroom has a faint scent of Maple syrup, burnt sugar, or curry. The flavor of this mushroom explodes after they are dried.
  • Dried Porcini Mushroom

    Porcini mushroom, also known as “King Bolete”, is extremely popular to both master chefs and ordinary cooks alike. Dried Porcini mushrooms have a flavor that is robust and a texture that is meaty and sturdy along with their incredible aroma.
  • Dried Forest Blend Mushrooms

    Our own special Alpine Forest blend of dried wild mushrooms, including Matsutake, Porcini, Chanterelle, and Lobster mushrooms.
  • Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms

    Dried Black Trumpet is a striking trumpet-shaped mushroom that has the power to enhance any dish. Most popular with French cuisine, this mushroom does taste best after being re-hydrated from a dried form.
  • Dried Chanterelle mushroom

    The amazing wild Chanterelle mushroom; dubbed “the queen of the forest” may be the world’s most popular wild mushroom for its flavor and its abundancy.
  • Dried Lobster mushrooms

    Dried Lobster Mushrooms get their name for a couple of oddly coincidental reasons. They have the same color as lobster and they have a seafood flavor!
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